1v1.Lol For PC Download (Windows)

This page will provide you all the details you need to download and install 1v1.Lol on windows or MAC PC. 1v1.Lol is a game developed by JustPlay.Lol and achieved great popularity among gamers with over 1 Cr+ downloads up to date. According to Google Play, 1v1.Lol has an overall rating of 4.5* with 5.28 lakh users rating it. 

We update the latest version of 1v1.Lol monthly so you can download and use it on your Windows or MAC PC in an easy and safe way using the best emulators available online.

1v1 LOL Logo
Updated24 July 2022
RequirementWindows 7 or up
Size119 MB

Download 1v1.Lol PC, Here we share how you can download this 1v1.Lol game on Windows computers. 

In the action game 1v1 LOL PC, you play the role of the leader in thrilling battles between armed robots. With various game modes available, not only will you fire your enemies, but it’s also essential to build walls against your opponents.

In 1v1.Lol, there’s a thrilling survival mode where the aim is to get your robot to be the last one standing. In every game of this ‘battle royale,’ you fire your opponents while placing components to escape them. It is simple to evaluate your surroundings while moving at full speed to avoid being intercepted, thanks to the game’s 3D graphics.

However, in 1v1.LOL there is also a 2v2 box and a 1v1 confrontation mode. Additionally, you can design your own game and invite friends privately. The game controls are very easy, and you can customise them according to your preferences. You must also specify that there are other keys that can be used to shape the structures you build from the ground up. 

The hilarious game 1v1.LOL lets you experience the thrill of participating in these titanic robot fights. Undoubtedly, we are looking at a dynamic game that’ll grab your attention right from the get-go.

Install 1v1.Lol on PC (With Emulator)

As we mentioned before, 1v1.Lol game is not available on the windows or mac app store so we would need to use software to use the app (it doesn’t matter if it’s a game or a tool) on our PC/laptop.

In order to do it, we must need to use an android emulator and, in this article, we used the LDPlayer but there are many others that can fit MAC as well such as Bluestacks.

Follow the below step-by-step process to install 1v1.Lol game on your pc:

  • First click on the above download button, it will redirect you to the LDPlayer official website or will even start the download process.
1v1.Lol search
  • Click on the download button (if you reached the official website but if the download process started before you can continue to the next point) and it will choose the 1v1.Lol game version according to your pc operating system.
1v1.Lol install
  • Once you downloaded the file double click on that and install the emulator. Also, complete the Google sign-in process after installation.
1v1 LOL Play In Seconds
  • Next, open the play store inside the emulator, click on the search bar, and search for 1v1.Lol on pc.
1v1 LOL Fights
  • After you will find the game, click on the install button and your installation of the game will start in a few minutes.
1v1 LOL Edit Builds
  • Once the 1v1.Lol game is installed on your pc then you can see the app icon on the main dashboard.
1v1 LOL Custom Hud

Click on that icon to start the game, the installation process of this action game will be the same for MAC users.

Now you are ready to download and install 1v1.Lol on your PC/laptop whether you are using a Windows computer or a MAC. The process is pretty straight forward but if you encounter any problems, you can reach us and we will try to help.

1v1.Lol PC Game Features

This section will cover some of the best features of 1v1.Lol which you can also enjoy on your Windows computer or Mac PC/laptop:

  • The title offers various game modes. 
  • You can buy skins to make your character more unique. 
  • An all-in-one battle royale game with a building component 
  • Utilise Practice Mode to improve your building and shooting techniques.

These features are what makes 1v1.Lol so great and the reason gamers love to play it so much. If you are new to 1v1.Lol, you will find much more elements and possibilities than the ones mentioned above as these are only the key features. Downloading and playing your favourite games on your PC/laptop will offer you a new world of experiences and a range of opportunities.

1v1.Lol PC Game FAQs

Below we cover some frequently asked questions about this action game so make sure you check it out for a quick solution.

Is 1v1.lol the same as JustBuild.lol?
In contrast to 1v1.lol, JustBuild.lol is a non-combat game.

Is 1v1.lol similar to Fortnite? 
1v1.lol is a game that can be played in your online browser and is similar to Fortnite. 

How to play Battle Royale in 1v1.lol?
In 1v1.lol, there is a Battle Royale mode that supports up to 10 people. Different game options allow you to compete against many opponents. 

Can you play 1v1 with a friend? 
Users only have to visit the 1v1.lol website to start playing, which makes it extremely simple to team up with other players over the web quickly. 

Who made 1v1 LOL possible? 
Lior Alterman is the creator of 1v1. LOL. It was released recently and is loved by the young generation.

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1v1.Lol PC Requirements

Now to play this action game your pc must meet minimum requirements and our recommended system requirements are also below:

Minimum System RequirementsRecommended System Requirements
ProcessorIntel or AMD ProcessorIntel i5 or more
OSWindows 7 or aboveWindows 10
Memory2 GB RAM8 GB or more
Storage5 GB HDD5 GB SSD

Most of the computers today offer the above requirements or even better. Keep in mind that if your laptop/PC doesn’t offer these specifications, you might face some issues while downloading or playing 1v1.Lol on your computer.


If you enjoy using and playing 1v1.Lol on your mobile phone, you should definitely try to download and install it on your PC or laptop for a much better experience. You usually get better results while using the mouse and keyboard when playing games or using tools on your PC/laptop.

You will find a world of games and tools on Techummo which you can download the latest version in a safe environment to your PC and start enjoying it.

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